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I think you agree with me when I say there is nothing better then come home after a hard day at work have a cup of coffee and sit in your garden to relax. This already sounds relaxing. Did you ever wonder how to make the most of your garden where you can relax? The right backyard accessories and plant species can set the tone for an unbelievable outdoor area of retreat.

So in today post I am going to  show you 5 beautiful backyard gardens to get you inspired. It is always the best idea to get a good landscaper to do the job for you. Check out these beautiful contemporary landscape designs that will take your stress away.




amazing backyard landscape ideasamazing backyard landscape ideasinspirational backyard landcape design


amazing backyard landscape ideasamazing backyard landscape ideas





New words to learn todayLandscapers ideas for beatiful gardens by cubis workwear

Air layering-This technique encourages the production of roots from a stem in order to propagate a plant. Usually involves making a shallow cut in the stem and surrounding it with a sleeve of polythene, which is taped above and below the cut and packed with sphagnum moss or peat.

Axil- The space between the leaf and the main stem of a plant. A bud formed in this angle is referred to as an axillary bud.

Arbor: -A shady garden shelter or bower, often made of rustic wood or latticework on which vines, roses, etc. are grown.

Aeration– A method of increasing water and oxygen into compact soil by creating tiny slices or holes throughout the area.

Annual– A plant which grows to maturity and dies within one season; most are frost-sensitive.

List of landscapers;

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